1. What is Toofresh?
Toofresh is a new app, allowing users to order fresh meat from local fresh meat stores. It’s the best way to order fresh meat, customize each cuts and packaging. Now you can order thru the app and pick up your order at the pre-selected pickup time. Avoid lineups and save time for what matters!
Download the TOOFRESH app from your favourite store. Register (free) and You can select from any store of your choice listed on the app and place order.
By ordering through Toofresh app, you’re reducing the risk of getting Covid-19 and protecting others. It saves you time in line-ups.
Stay safe and protect yourself and your family. Minimize the risks of Covid-19 by choosing Contactless Pickup available at some stores, and Save time from line-ups.
Buying local meat means supporting your local economy and our local farmers. It is about sustainability. We also gain the advantage in our selections, and it is easier for traceability purposes.
After submitting your order, you will see your confirmation on the Order Tracking page. This means that your order has been sent to the restaurant. You’ll be able to see when the restaurant has confirmed your order in the Order Tracker.
After you place an order with Toofresh, you can submit feedback from your experience with the stores and courier under Order History on your Toofresh account. Please be fair and only write the problem. Do not write offensive or words of hate. We have the right to remove the review if it’s found in appropriate.
We suggest that you verify your order carefully upon pickup. Due to health reasons, stores may not offer refunds and take back the order if you left the store with the order. This is a safety to protect you and all other customers. You can contact the store directly. If the mistakes repeats, please contact Toofresh customer service by e-mail [email protected] and we will work with store to correct this problem.
Every store is committed to supply the best fresh meat possible as standard business practice.
Yes, you can choose a pickup time based on your availability.
Yes, as long as they have the order number. They will be able to pickup.
Once you place your order, you will be notified at every step of your order being processed and you will get order ready notification for pickup.
Yes, you can order as many items as you wish. You must order the items from same store.
Usually the stores can prepare the order sooner than 30 minutes, depending on the no, of orders, sometimes it may take little more time. However, you will be notified immediately about your order status.