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Now you can order fresh meat, poultry, and seafood from your local grocery store or butcher shop at the click of a button.

Have complete peace of mind! We work with dedicated partners to provide top-quality fresh meat and poultry cuts and the freshest seafood.

Meat Options

When looking for the best fresh meats available, check out the Toofresh app to satisfy even the need for those unique picky cuts prepared with special care just for you.

Choose from fresh beef, goat, lamb, veal, chicken, turkey, fish, and other seafoods.

Customise Your Order

Toofresh offers the best selection available from your local grocery stores and butcher shops.
Toofresh offers unlimited options to suit all your needs. You will find every type of fresh meats that is available in
nearby stores. You can choose options such as remove fats, remove skin, cut to various different sizes or choose BBQ sizes.
Our easy-to-use app allows you to search through your options and make your selections quickly and easily.

Benefits Of Using Toofresh

Register your account on Toofresh for free. And Start ordering. Enjoy! Say goodbye to frustrating store lineups!

No more running store to store to find a specific meat.

Avoid disappointments of driving to a store, only to find out that certain meat is out of stock. No more wasting time in lineups or getting a wrong order.

Convenience, safety, and customization are the main reasons our users choose to purchase fresh meats using only the Toofresh app.

Stay safe, save time, shop local, buy online with Toofresh!

Customize Cuts & Packaging

Think of your favorite juicy steak, tender chicken breast, or succulent shrimp dinners! Think of having the option to enjoy that in your pajamas at the comfort of your home!

Why settle for the boring cuts and offerings at the tired store shelves when you can have the freshest cuts from the best locally sourced meats at your front door every day.

Using the Toofresh app, you can customize your fresh meat purchase precisely the way you like it. Choose from various grades and cuts, select how they will be packaged, in individual meal portions or bulk.

Toofresh lets you choose and buy the fresh meat you want how YOU want it.

Save Order

Have a favorite cut of meat you love to have for a meal every week?

The Toofresh app allows you to save your orders, making it quick and easy to reorder your favorites.

Pickup & Delivery

At Toofresh, we put your safety and convenience first! Online shopping is the newest, safest, and fastest-growing way to serve you.

With Toofresh, it is the easiest way to order from local stores online then pick up and go. Choose the time you would like your custom order to be picked up.

You choose to pick up yourself or have someone else pick up for you. Toofresh delivery option is coming soon!




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Order Fresh Meat From Your Local Favourite Meat Store. Choose to Pickup when your Order is ready. Get instant notification about the status of your order.


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At Toofresh, we’re revolutionizing how everyone buy fresh meat, poultry, and fish.
Your safety and satisfaction are our commitment!
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