1 year ago

Job Profile / Duties / Responsibilities:
-Develop professional web contents
-Write compelling articles, blogs, social media ads
-Review ads and think critical
-Create ads that convert into a sale

Job Requirements
– You are studying for a career in journalism, business, arts, or any programs providing strong English language training
– You are capable of writing well with correct grammar
– You are keen to learn, willing to work hard, and committed to the job
– You are organized and able to pay attention to details

Benefits of this internship include
-You gain real-world work experiences at a reputable high tech company, www.arimomedia.com
-Learn real-world knowledge, work ethics, teamwork
-You will work from our office, makes you much more employable and competitive in the job market
-You will have access to a desktop computer

Bonus: Receive A Certificate for High Achievement and also work reference